Concrete Curbs

CC&M has over 15 years of experience working with concrete and installing elegant concrete curbs. If you are looking to give your garden or front yard a classy remodel, a beautiful curb may be just what you need. Call us today for a FREE estimate! (916) 335-1416

Crack Prevention

One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to concrete curbs is: how will you prevent the curb from cracking?

While concrete is a very strong material, it is not very flexible and can crack as it moves naturally, shrinking or expanding based on temperature fluctuations and other natural movements. To allow the concrete to move freely and reduce any chance of cracking, we use well-placed control joints in the concrete. Here at CC&M, we have almost two decades of experience working with concrete, and are intimately familiar with the best placement of concrete construction joints. With our expert knowledge and quality installation work, we ensure that your curbs are the best in the neighborhood!

Pre-Installation Grass & Root Removal & Ground Leveling

Many of our customers want to install concrete curbs in areas that contain grass and roots. It is important to remember that placing any concrete structure on top of grass or roots may result in eventual cracks and damage to the curb. In light of this, we strongly  recommend our additional service of clearing out the area of grass and roots before laying down the concrete so that your curbs will last longer and remain crack-free and beautiful. In addition to removing grass and tree roots from the cub installation area, it is very important that the ground be leveled prior to laying down the concrete. An uneven surface area can also result in eventual cracks and damage to the curb, as it increases the amount of stress on the concrete.

If you do have grass or tree roots in the curb installation area, or require us to level the ground we can offer to help you for $50/ per hour of labor required for the project.

We look forward to helping you with your next concrete curb installation!

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