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CC&M is owned and operated by Pavel (Paul) Panasyuk, a veteran of over 15 years in the concrete curbing and monument installation business. When it comes to laying down concrete curbs, there are many choices in Sacramento County that provide the similar services. Pavel prides himself in providing the most personable service and the highest quality products at the most reasonable prices.

As an experienced cemetery worker, Pavel is also a master of creating custom design monuments and headstones, as well as installing them at the cemetery site. Pavel’s fine craftsmanship is evident in every piece he produces, even down to the minute details of the stencils on the front of the monuments. Every headstone is unique and treated as the special commemorative project it is for those who have been laid to rest.

The same quality of work is applied with every monument installation, where one slip could easily damage a monument and result in chips or cracks. As a result of Pavel’s years of experience and caring personality, CC&M maintains one of the highest rates of success with installations in the cemetery industry. Here at CC&M, we expect nothing less than perfection.

Are you looking for concrete curbing services? Please head over to our contact page and send us a message or call us! Do you need a custom monument or headstone created to commemorate your loved one, and have it installed at your local cemetery? We are here for you. Call us for a FREE estimate! (916) 335-1416

CC&M Owner, Pavel Panasyuk

Pavel Panasyuk, Owner

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